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The French Fiddler
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The latest addition to the best-selling Fiddler series takes a leisurely and meandering journey through France, starting in Gascony, wandering east to Tarn and on towards Provence. It then heads north via the Auvergne and Limousin, through Berry and Morvan to Alsace, and after a detour to Paris the tour concludes in Brittany. The book features flexible arrangements for violin and piano with optional easy violin, violin accompaniment, and chord symbols. Each regional group of pieces is designed so that it can be played as a set for concert performance or, in some cases, dancing. Another attractive feature is the inclusion of photos of the performers and dancers Edward Huws Jones observed whilst researching the book. An appetising introduction to the vibrant and diverse folk scene in France. Instrumentation: violin (2 violins) and piano, guitar ad libitumDer neueste Band aus der populären "Fiddler"-Serie von Edward Huws Jones beinhaltet Volksmusikmaterial aus dem Elsass, der Bretagne, Limousin, Provence und Berry sowie Café-Musik aus dem Paris des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts. Die Violin Edition bietet gut spielbare und flexibel zu besetzende Arrangements für Violine solo oder in Begleitung einer zweiten Violine (sehr leichte Stimme). Die Complete Edition enthält darüber hinaus eine zusätzliche Klavierbegleitung. Schwierigkeitsgrad: 2-3

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